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From my release thread on VGUnetwork:

I'm gathering all of my resources here in this thread for easy access, since I've developed a nasty habit of releasing things in random posts on other peoples' threads.

Links are right here, download all 10 parts and then join them together with hjsplit to create one rar package. Then extract that to your fallout folder. Btw, this is the last time I'm going to make you download a huge pack of files, I have an automatic syncing system set up now that will allow me to segregate out new files for small patches and updates.

There are three main chunks to the resource:

Mass Effect Resources

This is the Mass Effect Resource Package that I have been working on and off on for the last two years. I'll warn you that it's over 1gb in size. A good amount of my resource pack is included with Corehound's resource master, which I would definitely use if you plan to make mods with this content. But if you want the absolute newest files, download this.

You can view the thread for the old version of the Mass Effect Resource here. There are significant changes from that version to this one:

- Changed file and folder structure to be much, much more organized (note: Corehound doesn't use this folder structure, so my files actually won't overwrite his).
- Tons of texture and models fixes\tweaks.
- Includes the 5 or 6 packs of models I had released on Corehound's thread.
- Lots of new models and textures, I haven't really counted but I'd estimate that the latest version is about twice that size of the old one.

Star Wars Resources

I've been working on Tatooine on and off for a while now, tapping the modding fanbase, The Force Unleashed, Jedi Academy and my own petty modeling skills for content. In the plugin is the worldspace I've designed, which is presently still quite empty, but playable nonetheless. Mostly, its resources, however. Only a few things added recently, and Imperial Landing platform and a cloning facilty building model.

Star Trek Resoureces

This resource pack is centered around my WIP USS Normandy ship. Content comes from Mass Effect, Elite Force II and various fans around the web.


Mass Effect content -

Bioware, for the majority of the content in this package. Everything from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 was made by them, art, sound, design and all.
Epic Games, for a couple sound files and a sporadic mesh and texture.
Cire992, If you're making a mass effect environment in Fallout, you're probably doing it with models I ported.
Artheris (Garrus II), assisted on the merc armors, and did rigging on armors, especially Turians. He ported Tali's suit, as well. He tested a lot of the stuff and has generally just been involved from when I first started the resource project.
Ulmont, worked on the weapons, re-textures and has made various contributions throughout. (Not sure if those weapons are still in there, I think the models from core's resource are now).
Plerr, originally did the helmets for the Merc armors, some of her armors might still be in here somewhere, too.
Chemmy, tested the private release and gave me feedback, ported Collector Assault Rifle. I believe his newer weapon models are in here, too.
Corehound, He's the one who takes this raw resource and merges it into his Resource Master, which you can get here. Some of his animated doors are also in this package. Some of his handiwork also appears to be in the armor folder.
MaxMade, picture frame "Revan vs. Jedi"
OmeN2501, picture frame "Snatch"
NZrommel, picture frame "Turian"
Sean D'Omega, picture frame "Saren"
OneGirlArmy, picture frame "Han Solo"
Blue Caboose (HugosAres), alternate Garrus mask.
Myth, Quarian fixes.
Greywaste, Kasumi Armor.
Moebius87, Dystopia city blocks
Stonemason, sci fi city blocks
Nightshift3d, sci fi tools
JesterCGI, some textures

Star Wars content -

Cire992, I modeled the hovels, the SWG-style buildings, the cantina interior, the SWG workbenches, re-textured Vanilla rocks/cliffs/boulders, made the plugin and some terrain textures.
Willi Hames, Made many of the building textures and modeled the tatooine city buildings.
Raven Software, for textures and sounds from Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
NeoMarz, for Landspeeder and Speederbike
Cpt. Rex, ported Neomarz' models to Fallout, as well as a sandcrawler iirc.
Roman Deniskin and Oliver Coustin, t-16 Skyhopper prop
Lucas Arts, Aspyr Media, Developers, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PC.

Star Trek content -

Raven Software - Various models and textures from Elite Force II.
Kaden - Legacy Class Starship.
Egosoft - Various models and textures from X3 Terran Conflict.
Paul van Garderen - Bridge Ops and Conn stations, 3d Chessboard.
rduda - combadge model for the starfleet uniforms.
Jed Hirsch - parts of the starfleet uniform textures, Transporter model, Sickbay bed.
RPublishing - Ten Forwards chairs and tables, food replicator.

LCARS Graphics:
Bill Morris - terminal graphics (http://lcars24.com/).
Deif - Engineering MSD, various others.
Mattrek - Various consoles.
Robert - Transporter console, various others.
Tobias Weimann - Various displays and consoles (http://www.lcars-interface.de/).
Cpt. Rick - LCARS keyboard texture.

Other Stuff -

Epic Games - Unreal Tournament III Vehicles
Eidos - misc models and textures from Tomb Raider Underworld
AFF Planetstorm Team - AFF Vehicles
Webzen Inc - Huxley Vehicle Models
Swordfish Studios - models from 50 Cent Blood on the Sand

Tatooine Resource Update
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From F3U:

Here's some pics of the worldspace. It still needs more texture and lots of object generation. I think I need to change some imagespace stuff too. But the big picture is under control.

Posted Image

Beggar's Canyon:

Posted Image

Salt Flats near Anchorhead:

Posted Image

Great Mesa north near Bestine:

Posted Image

Jundland Wastes:

Posted Image

Dune Sea:

Posted Image

Here's the overall map of the world, its about the same size as the capital wasteland:

Posted Image


Note that this new Worldspace, and the latest esp that goes with it is for Fallout 3. If I recall correctly, the LODs have to be generated separately for New Vegas and its plugin, which I havent gotten around to yet.

Dropbox Download

Tatooine Resource Pack Update Tags: Tatooine Fallout 3 Resource Star Wars

From F3U:

I have just a bit of a minor update to start moving things in the direction of a working Tatooine worldspace. Latest package adds LOD models for the buildings, and removes doors from the building models. Also, re-did a lot of the textures and some of the UVs on basically all the architecture. The textures are much better looking now and don't tile and don't look like crap. Made some tweaks in the plugin, there should now be 2 suns in the sky in the test world, just like in the movies. Also changed around some other superficial things during testing. As far as new content I don't really think there's much to speak of, there's a couple re-textured hovels, some doorjambs and some doors.

Download's on the OP.

Here's some pics of the new textures:


And seeing as I never got around to posting the previous update here, some more:



And the download link for all the latest stuff, currently only have a plugin for fallout 3... though I really don't see why you couldn't just convert it to New Vegas, it is 100% custom content, after all, should work fine.

Dropbox - Updated Link, included worldspace with LODs. Check Latest post for more info.

More Mass Effect Updates
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I've uploaded some updates to the Mass Effect Resource Package. There's a bunch of cool and random things as well as fixes. The Vanguard Shuttle from DAZ is in there, Liara in her Shadow Broker outfit, and numerous random meshes that I've ported recently and had lying around. Additionally, I've put up the Normandy Package, which contains 200-something meshes from the SR2 Normandy. These are really fun to make ships and space stations with and its a surprisingly flexible tileset. I also uploaded the Haestrum model pack. I had put this up on F3U a while back, and only just noticed that it had never been linked here. Sorry about that!

Check out the Mass Effect Resource Package post in the downloads section to get the links.

Here's some cool pics of stuff I made using the current version of the resources:


Mass Effect Resource Update
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I've put up some updates to the Mass Effect Resource Package today, Armor I, Armor II, Meshes I and Textures II have all been updated with new and fixed content. Included are Kasumi's armor (thanks Greywaste) and mask, Husks, new city block meshes and more. Check it out when you get the chance!

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