Title: Liara T'Soni

Dr. Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect 3 comes in five ragdolls in this pack:

- Default Shadow Broker, Her normal in-game appearance with the pink and purple DLC alternate skin and a personal 'dark' reskin I made myself.
- Alliance DLC Appearance, gray and white Alliance gear from the Ashes DLC as well as the alternate blue and black skin worn by Ashley.
- Alternate Appearance armor, the regular alternate appearance armor from Mass Effect 3.
- Green lab outfit, like the one she wore in the first game but with ME3's improved textures.
- Star Trek DS9 outfit, ranked Lt. Commander in science green. For the sheer hell of it.

Where applicable, bodygrouped attachments are available, such as breathing masks or the tiara from her alternate outfit. All models have proper fingerposing and faceposing, as well as additional skins to go with the flexes such as tears, grin lines and brow furling.

Just extract the zip file to your garrysmod/addons folder. Included a spawnlist, otherwise you can find the models in the browser under cire992\ragdolls.

Haxxer - Borrowed his constraints after physics laughed at mine.
Bloocobalt - Same as above, but for the star trek uniform, which uses the Fallout 3 skeleton.
rduda - Star Trek combadge model
Jed Hirsch - parts of the star trek uniform textures.

Do whatever you want with these models, in-game or out. Just don't show me. And leave the readme with the files.