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Halo 3 Scorpion and Mongoose
Category: Gmod
Tags: halo vehicles props gmod

Fully ragdolled with suspension, both models have multiple skins, the mongoose has 2 bodygroups for the back. Enjoy.

Download at gmod.org

Halo 3 Warthog
Category: Gmod
Tags: warthog halo gmod prop

The warthog vehicle from Halo 3. Its ragdolled with (an attempt at) suspension, and includes a troop carrier variant. The chaingun and missile turrets are separate models which can mounted on the back of the vehicle.

Download at gmod.org

Halo 3 Marine Resource Tags: Fallout 3 resource armor Halo 3 Marine

This package contains the armor worn by the UNSC marines in Halo 3. There's no plugin for this resource, so you'll have to set them up in the GECK yourself.


JHardingame for providing the meshes.

Cire992 for porting to Fallout 3.

Bungie for creating the meshes.



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