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There is a lot of Mass Effect content for Fallout that I've never released, or had ported/made since becoming less active in the community. I'm not organized enough or motivated enough to do a full-fledged overhaul of the project, especially when other guys like corehound do a much better job of it then would ever even occur to me. So I'm taking a new approach, when I find something and it's release-worthy, I post it. It doesn't do any good just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be put into a resource update that will probably never come. So I'm just going to quote some posts from corehound's Mass Effect Resource thread on VGU. I've posting content there all week that I had dug up in my data folder. If you're modding with my resource content, you probably should be doing so with corehound's master file, among other reasons, its the easiest way to make Mass Effect mods for Fallout. And with that said, I would recommend you NOT do serious modding with this content until corehound has it all merged into his resource master plugin. You can see the thread here.

But enjoy screwing around with it all by all means:

Here's one that was for an update which I never got around to, its an updated illium pack. All 270 models from ME2, properly scaled to work correctly with grid snap, plus shiny environment maps which may need some tweaking. I believe all the proper textures are there, but there's always a few strays missing, so point them out if you see them.

Download Link


At some point last year I had released a prop pack for gmod which had all of the lab/medical machinery in it. Later on I needed some of them in fallout. At any rate, here's 30 machinery models from ME1 and 2, should be basically all of them.



Here's another pack, this time it's kitchens and cabinetry. I actually did this fairly recently when I was working on my starship, basically I needed to make a more compact kitchen and started to break down the kitchen meshes into their components. 45 models later, I got this. I thought I had made some tint maps for these to allow easy re-texturing, but I can't find them now...

Download Link

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Here's another one, the UNC garage set from ME1. 56 models plus 3 assembled static collection models (since assembling these garages is tedious). Might be some missing textures here as these models used a lot of random ones iirc.


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KOTOR Player Models Pack
Category: Jedi Academy
Tags: JKA Jedi Knight Models KOTOR


1. Extract the .rar archive anywhere on your computer. If you don't know what a .rar file is, visit http://www.rarlab.com/ and download WinRAR (it's free).
2. Move the 00_KotorPack.pk3 into the \base folder of your Jedi Academy installation directory (default: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base)
3. Optional, move 00_KotorPack_npcs into the \base folder of your Jedi Academy installation directory.


This mod adds several models from Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel, The Sith Lords to Jedi Academy. It was designed to offer KOTOR content for Jedi Academy in tandem with the KOTOR PCs Pack (Included), hence there were some models which I did not bother to port.

Current Models:

Atris *
Mira *
Brianna *
Darth Sion
The Twin Suns

Note: that I have included most of the source files for my ports, including xsi and fbx models and psd images. Feel free to use them. They are contained within 00_KotorPack.pk3

I've also included a copy of Pack_Kotor_PCs--Ambrom.pk3. This was a pack of KOTOR models that was uploaded on PCgamemods a few years ago, shortly before it went offline. Presumably, the author's name was Ambrom (I no longer have the readme), the pack inludes many of the main characters from Knights 1 and 2.


Atton Rand
Bastila Shan
Calo Nord
Canderous Ordo
Carth Onasi
Malak (Jedi)
Darth Malak (Sith)
Mission Vao
Darth Nihilus
Sith Governor
Sith Soldier
Visas Marr
"Derrik" (A player character from KOTOR featuring many of the light armors from Knights 1)
"Dustil" (Modeled on Dustil Onasi, it features many medium armor types from Knights 1)
Mandalorians (Fully custimizable Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders).
Sith War-Droids


Obviously I did not make these models, I only ported them. All credit goes to Bioware Edmondton (Developer, Knights of the Old Republic)
and Obsidian Entertainment (Developer, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords).
In addition, the models contained within 00_Pack_Kotor_PCs--Ambrom.pk3 were ported by Ambrom.




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