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Halo 3 Scorpion and Mongoose
Category: Gmod
Tags: halo vehicles props gmod

Fully ragdolled with suspension, both models have multiple skins, the mongoose has 2 bodygroups for the back. Enjoy.

Download at

Halo 3 Warthog
Category: Gmod
Tags: warthog halo gmod prop

The warthog vehicle from Halo 3. Its ragdolled with (an attempt at) suspension, and includes a troop carrier variant. The chaingun and missile turrets are separate models which can mounted on the back of the vehicle.

Download at

Miranda Lawson
Category: Gmod
Tags: gmod ragdoll miranda mass effect

I had a few requests for this ragdoll I had been working on a while ago. Since I really haven't got around to finishing it, I've decided to upload it now. Its still a bit buggy and can be finicky to pose, and don't even think about touching the fingerposing as it has serious issues. There are 3 skins for the normal outfit, plus the dlc armor, both models have finished faceposing.

edit: Messed up materials paths, please re-download

Download at Garrysmod

Mass Effect Prop Pack 4
Category: Gmod
Tags: gmod props mass effect
Yet More Mass Effect Props

108 more Mass Effect props. Many of them have multiple skins, they are ragdolled when applicable and a few have bodygroups. Hologram screen textures are fully animated. Also included is a 57 piece construction set. NOTE: This pack almost definitely requires some materials from my previous prop packs. If you don't have them already, download them below.





Tatooine Resource Pack Update Tags: Tatooine Fallout 3 Resource Star Wars

From F3U:

I have just a bit of a minor update to start moving things in the direction of a working Tatooine worldspace. Latest package adds LOD models for the buildings, and removes doors from the building models. Also, re-did a lot of the textures and some of the UVs on basically all the architecture. The textures are much better looking now and don't tile and don't look like crap. Made some tweaks in the plugin, there should now be 2 suns in the sky in the test world, just like in the movies. Also changed around some other superficial things during testing. As far as new content I don't really think there's much to speak of, there's a couple re-textured hovels, some doorjambs and some doors.

Download's on the OP.

Here's some pics of the new textures:


And seeing as I never got around to posting the previous update here, some more:



And the download link for all the latest stuff, currently only have a plugin for fallout 3... though I really don't see why you couldn't just convert it to New Vegas, it is 100% custom content, after all, should work fine.

Dropbox - Updated Link, included worldspace with LODs. Check Latest post for more info.

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