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Tatooine Resource Pack (FO3/FNV) Tags: Fallout resource Star Wars Tatooine


This is a modders resource pack containing models and textures which can be used to build Tatooine-themed environments from Star Wars. Included are:

- An assortment of natural pieces (mostly rocks, cliffs, debris)
- 7 Buildings
- SWG-style Bazaar
- SWG-style Bank
- SWG-style Shuttleport
- SWG-style Wall and Gate kit
- 4 Hovels
- 7-10 Terrain Textures
- Test plugins for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas


Everything here is compatible with both Fallout 3 and New Vegas.


1. Extract the contents of the .rar to your Fallout 3/Data folder and/or your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder.
2. The Test plugin is just a demonstration of the content, but if you want to see it in-game, activate TatooineTesterFO3.esp or TatooineTesterFNV.esp and start the game. press "~" to activate the console and type 'coc TestTatTown'.


Cire992, I modeled the hovels, the SWG-style buildings, re-textured Vanilla rocks/cliffs/boulders, made the plugin and some terrain textures.
Willi Hames, Made many of the building textures and modeled the tatooine city buildings.
Raven Software, for textures from Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.


Its a modders resource, its yours for the using as long as you credit the people above.





Homestead Tags: Vegas mod house fallout



Homestead is a small settlement and player home in the northern end of the Mojave Wasteland, just to the north of Vault 22. Apart from a cozy player house, Homestead features gratuitous container storage, an armory, Saloon, some settlers and a resident scavenger. This mod is more or less lore friendly and has no god-items or generally any balance tipping features aside from the home itself being free.

NOTE: In the pictures of the armory you'll notice that it's full of weapons. These are just for show, to maintain balance, I made broken/ruined variants of in-game weapons.


Version 1dot2 - Removed nearby Cazadors, fixed texture paths on Couch. Fixed doors clipping into clutter.

Version 1dot3 - Raised levels on local settlers, added Turrets to edge of settlement. Mr. Gutsy in Armory is now stationary. Fixed Gate in armory. Dumpster outside Saloon now has an emptier switch on it. Fixed some pathing issues.


1. Extract the contents of the .rar package to your Fallout New Vegas/Data directory.
2. In the game's launcher, select 'Data Files' and check NVHomestead.esp.

A map marker will be automatically added to your world map.


1. In your Fallout New Vegas/Data directory, delete NVHomestead.esp
2. Delete your Fallout New Vegas/Data/Meshes/Cire992 folder
3. Delete your Fallout New Vegas/Data/textures/Cire992 folder

Note: If you use any of my other mods, you may need to re-install them after following the steps above.


OneGirlArmy, picture frame.


Companion Sandbox Mode -

Works great with Homestead, the entire settlement and home are highly interactive for NPCs.


From DC to Vegas
Category: News
Tags: How to integrate 2 wastelands in one game in 19 steps

This is from a thread that's been going over Nexus that I've shifted over to F3U (Doesn't look like they'll let me continue this on the Nexus Forums). It's ongoing experiment to get both Fallout 3 and New Vegas working together in one happy and epic game.


1. You need FOMM, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas and about 5 minutes.
2. Open 2 explorer windows and browse to your Fallout 3/Data directories and Fallout New Vegas/Data directories.
3. Copy the following files from Fallout 3/Data to a temporary folder: Fallout.esm, Fallout - Textures.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa, Fallout - Voices.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa, Fallout - MenuVoices.bsa (DONT COPY Fallout - Misc.bsa)
4. Rename these BSA files so they wont over-write the New Vegas BSAs (e.g. Fallout - Meshes.bsa to F3Meshes.bsa)
5. Once renamed, move these files into your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder.
6. In your Documents folder (My Documents, for XP users), browse to My Games/Fallout NV and open up FalloutPrefs.INI in notepad or notepad++
7. Hit ctrl+F and search for 'SArchiveList'
8. On this line, add the bsa files you just copied into your New Vegas data directory. Then save and exit. (note, also do this for Fallout.ini in the same folder)
8. in your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder, open Fallout - Meshes.bsa with FOMM. (Double click on it and if prompted, select or browse to FOMM.exe in your fallout 3/fomm directory)
9. expand Fallout - meshes -> meshes and click on 'interface'
10. Select all of the meshes on the right and click extract. Select your Fallout New Vegas/Data directory and hit ok.
11. Now open up Fallout - Textures2.bsa in your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder with FOMM.
12. Expand Fallout - Textures2 -> Textures -> Interface and click on 'main'.
13. Select all of the textures on the right and click extract.
14. Select your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder and hit ok.
15. Repeat steps 13 and 14 with interface -> loading and interface -> pause
16. Close FOMM and start the New Vegas launcher, click Data Files.
17. Check Fallout.esm and hit ok.
18. Launch the game and load your save, once in-game press the tilde key (~) to activate the console.
19. Type 'coc Springvale' and press enter. (NOTE: I would advise that you do NOT save your game while trying this out)

And that's what you need for BASIC functionality. Its up to the modders to make the HUGEbutt patch to get the DC Wasteland working seamlessly. But if you guys want to be helpful, run around and figure out what is and isn't working right.
- LODs need to be regenerated for DC.
- Climate/Imagespaces overlap with NV data and need fixing.
- Music overlaps with NV data and needs fixing.
- FO3 weapons need fixed for Ironsights
- items and ammo need to be merged/standardized between both esms
- FO3 start scripts need to be fixed or removed. The quests all work fine, so I was thinking that I just delete all the Vault 101 quests and start the player off at the end of Escape! like many of the Alternate Start mods
- Some missing meshes and textures or borked file paths.
- possible pathgrid issues.

Of course, fallout 3 mods should work for NV with this setup as long as they don't need FOSE. Depends on the mod though, I wouldn't go loading FWE after doing this. Even if FO3 is pretty much working.

Cire's Facemask Mod for New Vegas Tags: mod facemask vegas mass effect


This mod adds a footlocker to Goodsprings which contains a collection of wearable "head masks" of various game characters. Masks include Jacob Taylor, Zaeed Massani, Liara T'Soni, Miranda Lawson, Subject Zero, Thane Krios, Jeff "Joker" Moreau, Illusive Man, Garrus Vakarian, Lara Croft, "Dusty", Carth Onasi, Bastila Shan and 50 Cent.


Extract the contents of CireMaskPack.rar to your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder. From the New Vegas Launcher, select "Data Files" and check' Cire's FaceMasks.esp'. Then launch the game!


Download from Mediafire


Bioware Edmonton, developers of Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic
Crystal Dynamics, Developers of Tomb Raider: Underworld
Danger Close, Developers of Medal of Honor
Swordfish Studios, Developers of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand


More Mass Effect Updates
Category: News
Tags: Fallout 3 mod Mass Effect update

I've uploaded some updates to the Mass Effect Resource Package. There's a bunch of cool and random things as well as fixes. The Vanguard Shuttle from DAZ is in there, Liara in her Shadow Broker outfit, and numerous random meshes that I've ported recently and had lying around. Additionally, I've put up the Normandy Package, which contains 200-something meshes from the SR2 Normandy. These are really fun to make ships and space stations with and its a surprisingly flexible tileset. I also uploaded the Haestrum model pack. I had put this up on F3U a while back, and only just noticed that it had never been linked here. Sorry about that!

Check out the Mass Effect Resource Package post in the downloads section to get the links.

Here's some cool pics of stuff I made using the current version of the resources:


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