Fallout 3 and New Vegas
Cire's Facemask Mod for New Vegas Tags: mod facemask vegas mass effect


This mod adds a footlocker to Goodsprings which contains a collection of wearable "head masks" of various game characters. Masks include Jacob Taylor, Zaeed Massani, Liara T'Soni, Miranda Lawson, Subject Zero, Thane Krios, Jeff "Joker" Moreau, Illusive Man, Garrus Vakarian, Lara Croft, "Dusty", Carth Onasi, Bastila Shan and 50 Cent.


Extract the contents of CireMaskPack.rar to your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder. From the New Vegas Launcher, select "Data Files" and check' Cire's FaceMasks.esp'. Then launch the game!


Download from Mediafire


Bioware Edmonton, developers of Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic
Crystal Dynamics, Developers of Tomb Raider: Underworld
Danger Close, Developers of Medal of Honor
Swordfish Studios, Developers of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand


Halo 3 Marine Resource Tags: Fallout 3 resource armor Halo 3 Marine

This package contains the armor worn by the UNSC marines in Halo 3. There's no plugin for this resource, so you'll have to set them up in the GECK yourself.


JHardingame for providing the meshes.

Cire992 for porting to Fallout 3.

Bungie for creating the meshes.



Mass Effect Resource Package Beta Tags: Fallout 3 mod Mass Effect resource

I've decided to fore-go making a Master File in favor of getting the assets out to the modders sometime this century, and here it is. This resource contains meshes, textures, sound, music, armor and weapons that can be used to make Mass Effect themed mods for Fallout 3! I'm releasing this as-is, it isn't finished and there's no guarantee that it will all work perfectly, but it's a blast to mod with. And modding is what this stuff is for, it isn't a mod, it's a resource, people can use this to make mods.

A couple notes/bugs:

- Most of the clothing and armor is still glitchy and rough around the edges, they don't have dismemberment support yet.
- If a mesh appears to be too large in the GECK, scale it down to .65
- The weapons are in a sorry state. They still lack sounds and tracers, and the collision is wonky on a few of them (thanks for pointing it out, Staplehead).
- There is on-going mystery regarding a strange shading error on custom Fallout 3 meshes. If you see black triangles on a mesh and know why it's there, PLEASE tell me.
- The meshes and textures folders aren't symmetrical, there should only be four or five meshes folders, while there are many textures folders. You didn't do anything wrong, everything is installed properly.
- The alpha on some bushes and trees needs some fixing.


Download ALL of the links below, meshes, textures, music and sound folders go in the fallout 3/data folder


Currently there is no master file, so you'll need to load everything into the GECK manually. If you want to check whether a mesh has havok properties (can be grabbed and moved around in game), load the model in nifskope and click render-->Draw Havok. If the wireframe that appears in the render window is blue, then havok is enabled, if the wireframe is red, then it is just a regular static.

For armor and clothing I recommend downloading Plerr's Mass Effect Armor and/or Mass Effect 2 armor mods and using her gloves for my clothing and armor. It isn't necessary, but it does look better.

Again, this is a modders resource only, installing this package as it is will have no effect on gameplay.


Delete the following directories in your data folder,


note: If you are using any of my other mods or resources, you will need to reinstall them after doing this.


You are free to mod your heart out using these assets. If you release, make sure you credit everyone in the list below for their work. Also, be sure to check the policies of the sites you upload your mod to. This package is mostly ported content, which is against the rules of most mod sites out there, such as the Nexus or Fileplanet.

Do not re-upload this resource without my permission. Copy/quote this entire post if you post the mirror links somewhere.


Bioware, for the majority of the content in this package. Everything from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 was made by them, art, sound, design and all.
Epic Games, for a couple sound files and a sporadic mesh and texture.
Cire992, I ported all the static and weapon models, clothes and a bunch of armors.
Artheris (Garrus II), assisted on the merc armors, and did rigging on armors, especially Turians. He ported Tali's suit, as well. He tested a lot of the stuff and has generally just been involved from when I first started the resource project.
Ulmont, worked on the weapons, re-textures and has made various contributions throughout.
Plerr, originally did the helmets for the Merc armors.
Chemmy, tested the private release and gave me feedback, ported Collector Assault Rifle.
Darkghost, is doing fantastic voice-work with Garrus on a splinter project of the Resource. He recorded some scripts for me.
MaxMade, picture frame "Revan vs. Jedi"
OmeN2501, picture frame "Snatch"
NZrommel, picture frame "Turian"
Sean D'Omega, picture frame "Saren"
OneGirlArmy, picture frame "Han Solo"
Blue Caboose (HugosAres), alternate Garrus mask.
Myth, Quarian fixes.
Greywaste, Kasumi Armor.
Moebius87, Dystopia city blocks
Stonemason, sci fi city blocks


This package is huge, I can't host it as one file here on the Underground, so download ALL of these files below:

Armor I - Updated 8/5/10, Added Myth's Quarian fixes.
Armor II - Updated 10/3/10 - Added a few fun masks and outfits, Liara's outfit from new dlc, fixed/adjusted textures, fixed missing textures for Kasumi and Quarian girls.
Meshes I - Updated 10/3/10, Added cool Vanguard ship, and other random meshes.
Textures I - Updated 7/23/10, Few new textures
Textures II - Updated 10/3/10, Fixed some missing textures, updated for new meshes.
Textures III - Added 10/3/10, So many files....

Sounds 1 - Updated 7/28/10, Lots of new ambient and object sounds, ME1 weapon sounds. Re-uploaded 4/9/12.
Weapons I - Updated 7/28/10, Added Collector Particle Beam and Eviscerator Shotgun


Haestrom Pack - Contains 76 meshes from Haestrum, the ruined Quarian colony world where Shepard recruits Tali in Mass Effect 2. Re-uploaded 4/9/12.
Normandy Pack - Contains.... 200-something meshes from the SR2 Normandy. Not complete, but fun and useful as hell for making ships and space stations.


Plerr's/Maywire's Mass Effect Armor Mod
Plerr's Mass Effect 2 Armor Mod
Cire992's Mass Effect 2 Mercenary Armor Mod
DarkGhost's/Garrus' Mass Effect Voice Acting - Release Thread
Newcomer's Mass Effect Mercenary Re-textures
Ulmont's Mass Effect Weapons Plug-in (weapon assets are included in this resource)
Fizz's Mass Effect 2 Outfits
Fearil's ME2 Garrus Visor
Neok182's Miranda Lawson Outfit Re-textures
Miranda Character Resources - By Fizz, Urrl and Cire992. Contains all of the art necessary to make a Miranda companion and/or character.
Chemmy's ME2 Avalance and Cain resource
Garrus Vakarian (Garrus III) playable Quarians
Fearil's Mass Effect Resource Package
Darkghost's Quarian Re-textures
Massive's Geth Commander
Fearil's Collector Armor
Hinugundam's ME2 Weapons Plugin
Fearil's Geth Pack
890iop's Turian Armors
Toxa's ME2 Inferno Armor

Mass Effect to Fallout
Mass Effect Showcases


Miranda Character Resources Tags: Fallout 3 mod Mass Effect resource


This package contains meshes and textures which can be used to create Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2 as a character in Fallout 3. It also contains 2 plugins. One adds Miranda's Hairstyle to all playable Vanilla Fallout 3 races, the other adds a "Miranda Race" which is required for the included save file.


Extract this archive to you Fallout 3/data folder. If prompted to overwrite, select yes to all. In the Fallout launcher, click data files and check ME2_mirandacharacter.esp and/or ME2_mirandahair.esp. Extract ME2_Miranda.ess to your Documents/My Games/fallout3/saves folder.



Original armor and hair mesh by Bioware.
Hair ported by Cire992
Face originally made by Urrl
Armor ported by Fizz




Unreal Tournament III Vehicle Meshes Tags: Fallout 3 mod mesh resource UT3

By request, I've uploaded this package which contains the meshes for the Goliath, Paladin and Hellbender vehicles from Unreal Tournament III. To install it, just extract the archive to your Fallout 3/data folder. This package contains only the meshes and textures, there is no actual mod here. You're welcome to use these meshes in your mod, you don't need to ask, just be sure to credit Epic Games for the original art and myself for porting them.




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