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This mod adds a footlocker to testqaitems containing the armors used by the Blue Suns and Eclipse mercenary factions in Mass Effect 2. It includes male and female variations with helmets, however there is no dismemberment or pipboy support.

To install this mod, place the contents of the 'Merc Armors.rar' in your Fallout 3/data folder. On the fallout launcher (or FOMM) activate ME2_mercarmors.esp. In-game, press the tilde key (`) to bring up the dev console and type coc testqaitems. The footlocker is from Mass Effect 2 as well, so it will stand out. If you're using Plerr's Mass Effect mod, the footlocker will be just to the right of her armor lockers.

Bioware for the original models and Mass Effect 2.
Cire992 for porting the armor.
Garrus Vakarian for setting up the helmets, and Plerr for the originally porting said helmets.
Plerr for the hands.
- Thanks for the help, guys.




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