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Mass Effect Props Pack for Gmod
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I've started porting mass effect props en masse to Garrys Mod. Not much to say about that, really. Facepunch community has already ported extensive amounts of Mass Effect content to source, including most of the major characters from both games. I've gotten more and more in to Gmod over the last year and finally started learning to mod for it.

In any case the pack itself contains 64 props, many of them with numerous skingroups and a few with multiple bodygroups. The holopanels I included (including the ones on computers and terminals) are fully animated and glow, flicker, scroll as accurately as I could get them to Mass Effect. I also included a footlocker with about 20 different skins. I had made these skins a while back for the Mass Effect Resource for Fallout 3 as world models for the ME1 armor, but I never got around to releasing that update. The mining vehicle from Haestrom and tractor from horizon have wheel-less variants with tires in the wheel stool list.

Definitely enjoying modding gmod at the moment, I could see myself doing it for some time.






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